Syria claims rebels take chlorine plant, quickly retracts statement

The Syrian government recently reported that rebels have taken control of a toxic chlorine plant east of the city of Aleppo.

The situation still remains unclear. The spokesman who issued the statement was fired within hours of making the statement for issuing views that did not reflect government policy, according to

The statement came within a week of Syria claiming once again that government troops would not use chemical weapons against their own people.

Rebel forces released video days after the rebels supposedly took the plant that shows what it says are victims of chemical warfare unleashed by government forces.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claims the rebels are making preparations to use chemical weapons against the government. The claims have been taken by some as sign his own forces may have begun to use its stockpiles, according to

British Foreign Secretary William Hague recently said that there is evidence that Assad would be able to deploy chemical weapons quickly should he choose to. Hague did not elaborate.

A spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces said the IDF is prepared to act as necessary to defend its citizens. It has personnel continually monitoring Israel's northern border to determine if action should be taken.