Wisconsin man publishes book on 2001 anthrax attacks

A Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, man recently self-published a book about the 2001 anthrax attacks after spending almost a decade researching the topic.

Ed Lake, a retired systems analyst, published the book "A Crime Unlike Any Other: What the Facts Say About Dr. Bruce Edwards Ivins and the Anthrax Attacks of 2001" in November. In the book, Lake details the FBI's investigation and his own conclusions, the Journal Times reports.

"(I) wanted a story that anyone who enjoys true crime stories could pick up and read," Lake said, according to the Journal Times.

Lake said that he thinks that Ivins was solely behind the anthrax attacks, a conclusion the FBI likewise reached in its investigation. Lake refers to Ivins as a borderline functioning sociopath at minimum.

The accused attacker died in 2008 in an apparent suicide after learning the FBI was likely to file charges against him. After Ivins died, the FBI declared the scientist solely responsible.

"I'm glad they solved the case," Lake said, according to the Journal Times. "I'm glad they figured out who did it. It was a fascinating thing while it lasted. But I'm glad it's over. I'm ready to do something else."

Lake's book is available on Amazon and on his AnthraxInvestigation.com website, the Journal Times reports.