Cross-dressing robber threatens California bank with anthrax

A man dressed as a woman recently robbed a bank in Monrovia, California, and allegedly threatened to infect the bank's tellers with anthrax.

Monrovia Police Lt. Michael Lee said that the suspect walked into the Chase Bank in the morning and demanded money, saying he had a briefcase full of anthrax, according to

"He said there was anthrax in the briefcase, please give me the money," Lee said, reports. "He took the briefcase and fled."

The suspect was wearing Ugg boots, gold earrings and a woman's running suit as he fled the scene. His fingernails were painted.

Lee said the police believed they knew the suspect, but bank employees failed to identify him in a lineup. The suspect is not thought to have committed any other bank robberies in the area.

Laura Eimiller, a spokesman for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, said that police did not believe the anthrax claim was real.

"Police do not believe there is a credible threat of anthrax," Eimiller said, reports. "No weapon was seen."

The suspect escaped with an unknown amount of cash in a late-model Chrysler PT Cruiser that was waiting for him as he left the bank.

"It's definitely a whodunnit," Lee said, reports.