Global Terrorism Index released

A newly released study concluded that the number of terrorist attacks conducted around the globe has quadrupled since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The Global Terrorism Index, recently released by the Institute for Economics & Peace, rated the terror threat to countries based on the number of terror incidents, as well as the damage they caused to people and property, according to

The study pointed to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen as hotspots for terrorist activity. The United States ranked as one the world's safest.

Terrorism in Europe was mostly carried out by domestic groups with links to Islamic fundamentalism. Europeans were found to be 19 times more likely to die as a result from terrorist activities than North Americans.

"The War on Terror has had mixed results," IEP Executive Chairman Steve Killelea said, reports. "Al Qaeda in 2011 accounted for only one in 5,000 terrorist incidents but splinter groups such as Al Qaeda in Iraq and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula are still highly active and are two of the more lethal terrorist groups in the world.

"A lot more care needs to be taken by western governments when considering military intervention or regime change."