Indian College of Military Engineering holding CBRN conference

India's College of Military Engineering in Pune is holding a two-day seminar on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats and responses.

The college is collaborating with the National Disaster Management Authority to hold the seminar, which will include four theme-based sessions culminating in an exercise focusing on current preparedness strategies, according to

"CBRN threat is requires swift and coordinated response from multiple agencies. Management of response to such incidents has assumed critical importance and requires specialized training and dedicated equipment," the Ministry of Defense said, reports. "The Army, being a vital link in the chain of responders, has already started capacity building and training to face the challenges.

"However, an effective response at the national level requires synergy among all stakeholders. A multi-agency synergized response is vital, and needs frequent deliberations. The seminar at CME Pune, is a timely step."

Experts are attending the seminar to assist is developing cooperation between different agencies and groups, including the NDMA, the Indian Armed Forces, NGOs, media outlets and civil society.

The keynote address at the seminar will be delivered by Lt. Gen. K Surendra Nath, the chief of Army Training Command. Attendees will include senior Armed Forces and NDMA officials, as well as officials of the Maharashtra Government Disaster Management Authority. CBRN-related technology manufacturers will also be there to showcase their equipment.