U.K. company warned of anthrax site near proposed reservoir

A British company recently received a warning about a possible anthrax site near a proposed reservoir.

A local resident and his nephew said that they had spoken to a neighboring farmer about anthrax-contaminated animals that were buried in the area shortly after World War I, according to ThisIsSomerset.co.uk.

Keith Russett said that he might be the only resident who is displaced should the project move farther south than the existing site.

"I have spoken to Defra and they suggested I contact Sedgemoor District Council and they said they have no evidence of anthrax contamination after 1924 but they would look into it," Russert said, ThisIsSomerset.co.uk reports. "I'm not one of those cranks."

Bristol Water, the company involved in constructing the reservoir, said that it received the warning and has avoided the site. Its existence is not expected to delay the project.

"The information source is regarded as credible - but, as yet, no records of any such burial site, possibly involving cattle that died from the disease, have been found," a Bristol Water spokesman said, ThisIsSomerset.co.uk reports. "The land concerned has not yet been involved in the latest ground investigations. Full inquiries will be undertaken before any activity such as drilling takes place on the particular land in question.

"Neither staff nor public have been or will be placed in any danger."