Nigerian airlines seeking better cargo security

The Association of Foreign Airlines Representatives of Nigeria criticized poor airport security at a recent meeting, noting the vulnerability to restricted airport areas.

Kingsley Nwokoma, the president of AFARN, implored the federal government to increase its security workforce at airports during an Air Cargo Security and Safety breakfast meeting. Nwokoma said that more security would protect both cargo and passengers, Leadership reports.

Dele Ore, the president of Aviation Round Table, said that access control requirements were needed for personnel and that technology should be employed to detect chemical, biological, nuclear and explosive weapons in cargo.

Harold Demuren, the director of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, said that security must be increased in the cargo areas of Nigeria's airports.

Theresa Bailey, the director of Aero Medical and the representative of Demuren at the meeting, said that terrorists started targeting cargo flights after airports improved their security checks on passenger flights.

"Air cargo has become one of the most vulnerable aspects of aviation as it provides fewer risks to terrorists who plant whatever they want causing them little or no harm," Bailey said, according to Leadership. "Aviation security has provided counter measures and has made it difficult for them to access passenger flights unlike the cargo flights that are being viewed as vulnerable."

The safety meeting was organized by Aero Consult, Ltd., Leadership reports.