May: India and Britain must cooperate in fight against terrorism

British Home Secretary Theresa May called for increased cooperation this week between India and Britain in the battle against terrorism, drugs, cybercrime and human trafficking.

May made the statements while addressing officers of the Indian Police Service at the National Policy Academy in Hyderabad. She announced that Britain and India were working on a memorandum of understanding to help the nations stop international threats from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear material, IANS reports.

She also paid tribute to the police officers who died during the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. May said that British police learned lessons from the tragedy to prepare for future attacks.

"During the Olympics, we built on the Indian lessons of the Commonwealth Games to work with international partners and identify potential threats at an early stage," May said, according to IANS.

May said that the two countries needed to work together because the threat of terrorism remains real in both nations.

"The shared threats that we face continue to evolve," May said, according to IANS. "Drugs, human trafficking, cyber crime - all pose a very real threat to our citizens and our economies. And none can be tackled by one nation acting alone."

May cited a partnership between the National Police Academy and Cambridge University as evidence that relationships between the two nations can decrease crime and improve security.