First Line Technology to offer DeconGel

First Line Technology recently announced that it is continuing its expansion program by selling products by CBI Polymers, Inc., including DeconGel.

DeconGel is a single component hydrogel that can be sprayed on a broad range of surfaces. The gel binds and encapsulates radioisotopes and chemicals as it dries, allowing it to be safely disposed of. It can also be used routinely as a cleaner in place of power washing, according to

"DeconGel is a natural addition to the First Line Decon Family, having been proven highly effective during the ongoing nuclear clean-up at Fukushima (Japan)," First Line Technology Vice President Randy Sakowitz said, reports. "DeconGel adds to the continually expanding First Line Technology Decon Family by contributing yet another product that minimizes hazardous waste and reduces the personnel burden while decreasing the cost of safe, effective decontamination."

First Line currently sells a variety of decontamination products designed for personnel, weapons and sensitive equipment. The company said that it was pleased to add DeconGel for the decontamination of infrastructure. CBI Polymers likewise lauded the deal.

"We are pleased to be partnering with First Line Technology, a company widely respected as an innovative decontamination solutions provider," CBI Polymer President for Government and Defense Larry Stack said, reports. "DeconGel is proven to have outstanding efficacy in mitigating CBRN contamination and First Line's presence and expertise in the first responder and military markets makes this an ideal alliance."