BioNeutral sterilant receives positive test results

The New Jersey-based BioNeutral Group, Inc., recently announced that it received positive results from an independent laboratory testing its product Ygiene Sterilant.

Ygiene Sterilant, or Ygiene IS, was tested against fully virulent spores of Bacillus anthracis Ames. The testing simulated environments that contained both porous and nonporous surfaces, according to

Commercial carpet was utilized as a porous surface for the tests. Anthrax contaminated porous surfaces are considered especially difficult to sterilize in most situations. Ygiene proved more effective at eliminating the spores on the porous material than chlorine bleach, which is often recommended for use against anthrax spores.

In addition to sterilizing surfaces faster than chlorine bleach, Ygiene did not have a detrimental effect on the surfaces themselves.

"Our Ygiene IS was specifically designed for use by the military, homeland security and first responders that need to deal with biological threats," Dr. Andy Kielbania, BioNeutral's chief scientific officer, said, reports. "We are extremely pleased with these results which confirm the exceptional efficacy of our Ygiene sterilants."

The company's CEO, Mark Lowenthal, was equally happy with the tests.

"These results demonstrate the uniqueness of our Ygiene IS Sterilant and will allow us to move forward in critical US government and appropriate foreign government application areas by providing the best solution to difficult problems," Lowenthal said, reports.