Mumbai hospital holds anti-terror training

Bombay Hospital in Mumbai, India, recently conducted an anti-terror and trauma care training program for all medical, paramedical and nursing staff to mark the anniversary of the 2008 terror attacks.

The training sessions were organized in collaboration with India's Association of Medical Consultants, which has created a program to develop protocols to provide training to paramedical staff and pre-and-post trauma counseling for patients, according to

In addition, AMC seeks to educate the public to act during an emergency before medical teams can arrive.

Bombay Hospital launched a similar anti-terror forum in 2008 as a response to the attacks, which were conducted by Islamic terrorists.

"As a part of the program, a panel discussion was organized where members from all strata of society debated the role of the public in disasters, since they are often the first responders in such situations," M.M. Begani, a senior consultant at the hospital, said, reports.

As part of the event, the hospital held a symposium to discuss a wide range of terror-related topics, including the role of the hospital sector, the media and NGOs in disaster management.

After the symposium, the hospital's interactive program in basic life support began for all of its staff and local first responder teams.