NATO surveying sites for Patriot missile deployment in Turkey

Turkey's military said on Monday that a delegation of NATO and Turkish officials plan to survey sites for the potential deployment of Patriot missiles on the country's border with Syria.

Syria is thought to have several hundred ballistic surface-to-surface missiles capable of carrying chemical warheads. Turkey, a member of NATO, expressing concerns that a spillover of Syria's civil war could occur on its territory, Associated Press reports.

A military statement said that site surveillance would begin on Tuesday. The sites selected, the number of systems that would be installed and the number of personnel needed for the sites would be worked out after the surveillance. Work to link the systems into Turkey's air defense network is ongoing.

The United States, the Netherlands and Germany possess the advanced PAC-3 model Patriots that Turkey would need to intercept ballistic missiles, Associated Press reports.

On Wednesday, the Czech military announced that it was providing technical expertise in Jordan, another country that borders Syria. Alexandr Vondra, the Czech defense minister, said that the country has traditional chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear warfare specialists in Jordan because of the current danger in Syria, Foreign Policy reports.

The Czech military has the responsibility of handling CBRN threats within NATO, according to Foreign Policy.