Smiths Detection launches car scanner

Smiths Detection, a London-based multinational engineering company, recently announced the launch of a low-energy x-ray scanner that is capable of detecting the presence of potentially dangerous materials hidden in cars.

Smiths' CIP-300 uses a 300 kV x-ray source that emits lower exposure than that of most large cargo scanners, enabling drivers and passengers to remain in their vehicles while the scanner operates, according to

The company has also designed an optional conveyor system that can inspect unmanned vehicles for contraband, including explosives, when regulations prohibit drivers from staying.

"This next-generation, low-energy scanner is outstanding in combining high quality, reliability, ease to operate and versatility," Mal Maginnis, the president of Smiths Detection, said, reports. "It clearly fills an important gap in customer requirements."

Smiths said that the CIP-300 can generally be deployed in areas that need increased security but that are not suitable for the use of high-energy detection systems. The new system is being marketed for use at border control points, airport entries, critical infrastructure, military facilities and ports.

The company is a part of Smiths Group, which is known for using advanced technology in the development of multiple types of threat detection systems. It employs approximately 23,000 people in 50 countries.