Russian armored vehicle platform to include CBRN defense

The Russian military recently announced plans to develop a chemical, biological and nuclear defense system using a tank platform.

Russia's Ground Forces Chief Colonel General Vladmimir Chirkin said the same platform would be used for missile and artillery defense, according to

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin previously said that a new generation of fighting vehicles would be based on the Armata system, considered Russia's next-generation heavy tracked vehicle platform.

Russia's plans for Armata include a main battle tank, an armored personnel vehicle, a combat engineering vehicle, an armor recovery vehicle and several types of support units and self-propelled fighting vehicles.

"Next year, Armata prototypes will be shown at an exhibition in Nizhny Tagil," Chirkin said, reports.

Oleg Siyenko, the general director of UralVagonZavod, a Russian tank producer, said that the armed forces are expecting to receive up to 2,300 of the new machines by 2020. Until then, the Russian Defense Ministry will continue to modernize its existing armored vehicles, according to

Siyenko said that UralVagonZavod engineers and military experts are currently running trials of the system's main components.

The plan to develop the Armata system replaces the Defense Ministry's original strategy of purchasing T-90 tanks, which were criticized by ministry officials and the general staff for being too expensive, according to