Turkey presents new battle tank at Otokar facilities

Turkey unveiled the first prototypes of its first main battle tank, Altay, on November 15.

The tank is designed and developed by Otokar, the country's major automotive manufacturer, the Ottawa Citizen reports.

The Altay prototype is equipped with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protection, a fire-extinguishing and explosion suppression system, a life support system, modular composite armor, a coaxial machine gun and multiple other features.

"Today armored tactical vehicles of Otokar are exported to almost 20 countries," Kudret Onen, the chairman of the board of Otokar, said, according to the Ottawa Citizen. "With more than 25,000 vehicles used by the armies in the world, we represent our engineering and production capability. Up to now, we accomplished all our projects in time and perfectly, and we tried to fulfill all our commitments successfully."

Otokar plans to produce two additional prototypes using data from the first Altay prototypes. The tank is expected to be ready for mass production by 2015.

"With its power to withstand possible threats of today and the future, Altay will further enhance the strength of our armed forces as the most modern battle tank in the world," Mustafa V. Koc, the chairman of the board of Koc Holding, said, according to the Ottawa Citizen. "With stable management, growing economy and strong army, our country will reinforce its power and leadership within the region, and Turkey will take its place among the special main battle tank manufacturers of the world."