Khloe Kardashian sent white powder letter

Celebrity Khloe Kardashian was recently sent an envelope containing white powder and a suspicious letter.

The envelope arrived at CBS where the reality TV star films the show "The X Factor." The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the report of a suspicious package at the studio, according to

The white powder was deemed harmless. Early reports suggest it was talcum powder, according to

"The item was field tested with negative results," FBI Public Affairs Specialist Laura Eimiller said, reports.

The incident is the third time a suspicious white powder has been sent to CBS. Two letters were sent to Bristol Palin, politician Sarah Palin's daughter, while she was a contestant on the show "Dancing with the Stars."

It is unknown whether or not the latest instance is related to the other two. The Palin letters demanded that she be removed from the show. The FBI has not released any details about the contents of the letter sent to Kardashian.

Kardashian is unharmed and reportedly not worried about the letter.

"The studio has hired extra security. Khloe is heading to rehearsals right now," a CBS source said, E! Online reports.