Argon Electronics delivers CBRN simulators to Sweden

Argon Electronics recently completed a delivery of a series of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapon training systems to the Swedish Armed Forces.

The simulator contract was awarded following the successful installation and use of Argon simulators at the Swedish Armed Forces CBRN school in Umea in 2008, according to

The contract includes the deployment of Argon's AP2C-SIM, S4PE-SIM and LCD3.2e-SIM, as well as Plume-SIM instrumentation upgrades, which were distributed at a number of locations. The Swedish military wanted the new devices and upgrades for its existing simulators for deployment ahead of RECCEX-12, a multinational CBRN exercise it recently hosted.

"This contract demonstrates how effectively our simulators can contribute towards an organisation's CBRN training," Steven Pike, the managing director of Argon Electronics, said, reports. "It also validates our strategy of ensuring that simulators previously delivered a number of years ago can be upgraded to function with PlumeSIM to provide a truly comprehensive CBRN simulation capability."

More than 50 of Argon's simulators were used in the exercises, which took place at the end of this summer. Swedish military procurement officers and visiting military attaches attended to observe the equipment in action. Argon said it was able to see how the operational flexibility of it products enhanced the training and therefore the capability to counter real-life CBRN incidents.