Labor calls for radiation monitors in London

Britain's Labor Party recently warned that thousands of radiation detectors are needed to protect London from a terrorist attack.

The U.K. Shadow Defense Secretary Jim Murphy said that London needs to emulate New York by building a radiation defensive ring that monitors traffic on all of the tunnels and bridges that lead into the city, according to

New York, according to Murphy, has more than 4,500 radiation detectors that can aid authorities in determining threat levels or the nature of an attack.

Murphy made the statements in an article he wrote for

"The threat posed by CBRN in the U.K. is very real, and one Londoners live with," Murphy said, reports. "We look at the sarin attacks in Tokyo and understand the tragic havoc which could be wreaked should a terrorist try something similar on the London Underground, which carries three million people a day from all around the world. London is a global city facing a global threat, and so it is right that we look to our partners for inspiration as to how we can protect ourselves."

The U.K. Home Office briefly responded to Murphy's comments.

"Emergency services have the training and equipment necessary to identify and respond to radiological, chemical, biological and nuclear threats," a spokesman said, "This work is part of our well established plans in place to deal with terrorist incidents."