USAMRIID issues RFI to improve information management

The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Disease issued a formal request for information on Friday for a new laboratory information management system.

The LIMS would help the institution to more effectively manage information generated by increasingly advanced scientific equipment. The USAMRIID identified critical capability shortfalls in how it manages high content data generated by scientific studies. By issuing the request, the facility looks to improve its archiving and sharing of information and therefore its scientific productivity, Global Biodefense reports.

The request seeks vendors with the ability to provide a custom management system that would address the challenges associated with the institute's unique work environment.

The USAMRIID is one of the leading biodefense research organizations in the world. Its core competency is to work safely and securely with dangerous pathogens in biocontainment. The use of high-content data-generating equipment for the institute's research leads to a significant challenge for managing data.

In addition, security requirements for the Department of Defense are typically incompatible with the operating systems and software needed to conduct analyses. This leads to each lab with its own separate data silos, causing scientists to have to integrate data sets from disparate functional areas.

The request seeks a compliant system that would allow scientists to manage projects effectively across multiple functional areas, deliver workflow tasks to technicians and scientists, report results to managers and scientists, and reduce the administrative burden on personnel to spend more resources on research, Global Biodefense reports.