Gul: Syrian chemical strike can be neutralized

Turkish President Abdullah Gul recently said that the danger of Syria launching missiles armed with chemical warheads at his nation could be countered with Patriot missiles.

Gul said that the older missile systems could be neutralized with the newer technology of the Patriot missile system, the Financial Times reports.

Gul's comments are the latest in a series of indications that Turkey is planning to request that NATO deploy air-defense systems along the border between Syria and Turkey.

"It is known that Syria has chemical weapons and they have old Soviet delivery systems," Gul said, according to the Financial Times. "So if there is some eventuality... contingency planning has to be put in place and this is something NATO is doing."

On Monday and Tuesday, aircraft fighters from Syria attacked a location near the Turkish boundary line. Previously, mortars from Syria also landed in Turkey on multiple occasions.

The fighting in Syria during the close to 20 month rebellion against Bashar al-Assad's regime shows no signs of stopping.

"We cannot tolerate such action and we give the necessary response," Gul said, according to the Financial Times.

Turkey fired back after Syrian shells landed in its territory and Israel recently did the same.