Canadian film on biological terrorism to be aired on Al-Jazeera

A Canadian film company's new documentary on biological terrorism is scheduled to appear worldwide on the Al-Jazeera network.

"Invisible Threat," which was produced by the Saskatchewan-based 4 Square Entertainment, is both a history of biological warfare and a warning about its increasing threat to the world, according to

"The problem is, because it's so difficult to do anything effective about it, there's not a lot of talk about it," Gerald Sperling, the president of 4 Square and the documentary's executive producer, said, reports.

Sperling said that biological warfare has existed in some form for centuries and was part of the U.S. and Soviet arsenals during the Cold War.

"When we think of a terrorist attack we think of people blowing something up, but this is qualitatively different," Sperling said, according to "The dangers are a little bit more elusive."

In 2009, Al-Jazeera aired 4 Square's film "Silent Bombs: All for the Motherland," which looks at the Soviet Union's record of nuclear testing. Sperling said that his previous meetings with the station's representatives led him to believe they would be interested in his new film since they often approach controversial subjects.

"When we came up with this, they decided to participate in it as well," Sperling said, reports.