Smiths Detection and Argon Electronics sign five year CBRN deal

The United Kingdom-based Smiths Detection and Argon Electronics recently signed a five year agreement giving Argon exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture, design and market training simulators for a range of lightweight chemical detectors designed by Smiths.

The line of detectors includes the M4E1 JCAD, M4A1 JCAD, LCD 3.3, LCD 3.2E and LCD-NEXUS detector series. The line has sold more than 80,000 chemical, biological and nuclear units throughout the world, Hazmat Management reports.

"The signing of this agreement which extends the existing agreement between Smiths and Argon for a further five years underpins the success and value of this arrangement to Smiths as a CBRN detector manufacturer," Steven Pike, the managing director of Argon Electronics, said, according to Hazmat Management. "It also reaffirms Argon's position as world leader in the design and manufacture CBRN simulation and training systems. Despite these economically challenging times, it is clear governments worldwide are placing a very high degree of importance on CBRN training which has been reflected in both contracts and new enquiries received at Argon."

Argon Electronics is one of the top developers and manufacturers of hazardous material detector simulators in the world, particularly for CBRN defense. Smiths Detection provides security solutions in military and civil markets around the world.

"(Smiths Detection's) partnership with Argon is already a great success," Rod Wilson, the vice president of product management at Smiths Detection, said, according to Hazmat Management. "Through this further extension, we will continue to partner together to provide our customers with world class training, allowing them to get the best performance from our products."