Inspectors in Armenia find no additional anthrax infections

Daily inspections by agriculture officials in Armenia last week registered no additional sales of anthrax infected meat, according to a government official.

Grisha Baghiyan, the country's deputy agriculture minister, made the announcement on Wednesday. Baghiyan said that an anthrax case the country registered the previous week in the Tsovak village in the Vardenis district was an isolated case.

"We immunize our cattle against anthrax each spring and did it once again after having detected that case," Baghiyan said, according to

Fifteen residents in Tsovak complained of anthrax symptoms after the report of the infection. Only one of the residents tested positive for anthrax.

"We are inquiring into the case," Baghiyan said, according to

Health officials determined that the source of the anthrax was an animal slaughtered in the courtyard of the village, reports.

"The circumstances showed that a courtyard (animal) slaughter was carried out, (and) as a result, that man was infected from the meat of the sick animal," Hovhannes Mkrtchyan, the veterinary inspectorate chief of the Armenian Agriculture Ministry said, according to

While Mkrtchyan assured locals that the infection was contained, consumers expressed concern about the safety of northeast Armenian meat.

"If they resume selling (meat) we will, most probably, refrain from consuming for at least a while, because of our concerns of buying infected meat," Zhanna Gevorgyan, a Vardenis resident, said, according to Armenia Now.