NATO war games will include CBRN threat

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization recently announced that it intends to conduct two sets of simultaneous war games beginning in mid-November.

The major exercises will test the readiness and defense capabilities of NATO forces to threats from chemical, biological and radiological attacks while critical NATO infrastructure is under cyber attack, according to

"The Crisis Management Exercise will this year run concurrently with the NATO cyber defense exercise Cyber Coalition 12," a NATO press release said, reports. "The purpose of Cyber Coalition 12 will be to test Alliance technical and operational cyber defense capabilities."

The two exercises, CMX 12 and Cyber Coalition 12, have become informally known as the doomsday war games.

The single scenario will require NATO allies to determine a political direction while taking into account the advice of both NATO military authorizes and cyber defense authorities.

"The CMX 12 will be jointly run by the NATO International Staff, the International Military Staff and the two NATO Strategic Commands, Allied Command Operations and Allied Command Transformation," NATO said, according to "This is NATO's 18th CMX since 1992."

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons will be present to add its expertise. In addition, Finland and Sweden are to participate in the exercises as NATO partners, and some elements of the games will take place in their proximity.