PositiveID Corp. continues with BioWatch Gen 3 procurement

PositiveID Corporation recently announced that it will continue to focus on procurement for BioWatch Generation 3, Phase II for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

BioWatch Gen 3, Phase II, an automated version of the national bioagent air sampling system, will be made up of a two-stage procurement with an estimated value of $89 million, including two or three years of testing and evaluation.

"To position the Company for the first stage of the revised procurement strategy for BioWatch Generation 3, Phase II, we are actively involved in discussions with several potential strategic partners, including both manufacturing partners and systems integration partners," PositiveID's Chairman and CEO William Caragol said.

DHS revised its procurement strategy for BioWatch Gen 3 in the wake of a U.S. Government Accountability Office report critical of the program. The GAO recommended that before continuing its plans to develop the system, it reevaluate its acquisition procedures and pursue further performance testing.

When completed, BioWatch Gen 3, Phase II, is expected to be a fully autonomous networked biodetection system with coverage in selected areas known as U.S. BioWatch jurisdictions. The system will continuously monitor the air for dangerous biological agents, performing tests without the need for samples to be moved to outside laboratories.