Powder found at Canada Post station not anthrax

London, Canada, fire officials recently announced that a suspicious powder found at the Canada Post sorting station was not anthrax or any other harmful agent.

The sorting station, located on Highbury, was evacuated immediately after the powder was discovered in a package at approximately 5 a.m. Sixteen Canada Post workers were placed in isolation as a precaution, according to BlackburnNews.com.

Firefighters analyzed the powder at the scene, but the tests were inconclusive. The London Police Explosives Disposal Unit was then called in to offer assistance.

District Fire Chief Wayne Brown said the last series of tests showed that the powder was not dangerous, but that further testing will be conducted. The powder was collected and samples were sent to a laboratory. Results are expected in the next few days.

"The police showed up on scene with their equipment and were able to do some further testing on the material and we've determined it was safe to release the people we were holding in the hot zone," Brown said, BlackburnNews.com reports. "So they went home, changed their clothes and showered as precaution. We've decided it is not a noxious organic material, i.e. anthrax."

A portion of the station's 450 employees who were at the scene when the powder was found had gone home but were called back to work by the end of the day.