N.Y. anthrax prankster gets five month sentence

A former security guard from Buffalo, New York, received five months in federal custody after placing baby powder in two envelopes with the alleged intention that it would be mistaken for anthrax.

Cory T. Kent, a former security guard at Daemen College, placed white baby powder in two prepaid envelopes sent to him from credit card lenders. Kent allegedly got the idea from a YouTube video posted by an Occupy Wall Street group suggesting protesters return prepaid credit card solicitations with additional material, Buffalo News reports.

"What I did was idiotic," Kent said, according to Buffalo News. "I don't know why I did it. I regretted it that afternoon."

The envelopes Kent mailed never made it to the lenders who sent them. A postal carrier noticed a puff of powder coming from one of the envelopes and quickly alerted the proper authorities.

"It was stupid," Kimberly B. Schechter, an assistant public defender, said, according to Buffalo News. "He wasn't thinking it through. It was extremely immature. He was old enough to know better."

Schechter reminded U.S. District Judge Richard J. Arcara that Kent took responsibility for his actions hours after mailing the letters and later admitted his guilt to federal officials.

Kent will serve five months in a federal halfway house, Buffalo News reports.