YouTube videos show Syrian chemical weapons sites

Syrian activists recently posted a series of videos on the internet claiming that rebels fighting against the Assad regime are aware of the locations of government-run chemical weapons sites.

In videos, which were posted on the website YouTube, narrators use Google Earth satellite imagery to describe the locations of several sites where they allege chemical weapons and chemical weapons delivery systems are stored and manufactured, according to

Adrian Sillu, a former major general in the Syrian Army, said that it would not be difficult for the regime to move the weapons if the rebels threaten the area where they are located. He added that they could just as easily be transferred to Iranian-backed Hezbollah fighters.

"They are artillery shells and rockets that can be moved easily to Hezbollah," Sillu said, reports.

Sillu also said he knows that Syrian and Iranian experts were conducting research at a chemical weapons facility near Aleppo, which also contains a base that can be used to launch Scud missiles.

"There are warehouses there used for experiments on poisonous grenades that contain sarin gas, tabun gas and mustard gas," Sillu said, according to

One of the recently posted YouTube videos provides a detailed look at a military installation located southwest of Damascus that also contains a large airfield. The narrator alleges that the chemical weapons facility is connected to the airfield through an underground tunnel that is large enough for truck trailers to use.