Alluviam releases new version of hazmat response app

Alluviam recently released version 16 of its HazMasterG3 Decision Support System, a software suite for tactical decision support that identifies threats and offers response guidance.

The software can now estimate the amount of finished homemade explosive agents based on an approximation of on-scene precursor material. The HazMasterG3 is able to identify unknown chemical agents, complex IED/HME threats, radiological isotopes, intermodal containers, detonators, road hazards and rail hazards. The software is certified and approved as anti-terrorism technology by the Department of Homeland Security, Fire Chief reports.

"The app can help a user identify industrial chemicals and bio-terror agents and then provides response guidance for those specific chemicals," Greg Ouzounian, the director of business development for Alluviam, said, according to Fire Chief.

The software integrates more than 156,000 trade names and materials. After identifying suspected chemicals, users have access to additional reference data, such as the kind of chemical detector to identify it forensically and the type of protective clothing to wear.

"The app can help first responders determine if someone is making homemade explosives, or chemical warfare agents, and then tell them what needs to be done as far as the safe distance and managing the incident," Ouzounian said, according to Fire Chief. "Another example is helping responders determine if they are entering an area where meth or cocaine is being made."

The app is available via subscription for $900. A perpetual license is available for $2,000, Fire Chief reports.