Arizona businessman found guilty in chemical weapon attack

A businessman from Tucson, Arizona, has been charged with the production and use of chemical weapons to attack the home of a former customer.

Todd Fries, the owner of Burns Power Washing, was found guilty on Friday of two counts in federal court. The jury found that Fries was guilty of false statements and prohibition against chemical weapons. The business owner will stand trial for two additional counts related to the indictment in January, reports.

Fries was arrested in May 2011 after being charged with the production and use of chemical weapons to attack his former customer's home.

The attack occurred in August 2009 near the Shannon and Magee neighborhoods in Tucson. The couple living at the house awoke one morning to find their house covered in Spanish language graffiti and a swastika painted on their garage. The residents were unable to leave the house because someone had sealed the garage and front doors shut. Additionally, there were dead animals on the porch, chemicals in the front yard and an explosive device nearby, according to

The chemical was a mixture of chlorine and another substance. The combination of the chemicals created a cloud of toxic gas as large as a football field that required the evacuation of several families.

The victims previously hired Fries to do some work on their home. The FBI investigated the incident as a hate crime because the victims of the attack are Jewish.