MEU trains for CBRN attack

U.S. Marines and sailors at sea in the Western Pacific recently trained to prepare for an attack utilizing chemical, biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

The 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit's CBRN Defense Platoon will spend an entire month working with the MEU's 2,400 service members in order to teach them how to successfully operate in a contaminated environs, according to

"The class we are teaching helps prepare Marines and sailors against CBRN threats they could come across while serving overseas," Lance Cpl. James R. Kerr of the CBRN Platoon, 15th MEU, said, reports. "It's important for them to know how to react appropriately to contaminated environments and how to conduct missions in mission oriented protective posture gear,"

Mask confidence training is held annually for Marines, but is usually conducted in a more controlled environment, such as a gas chamber. The recent exercises were conducted at sea on the USS Peleliu.

"This was an excellent refresher of skills using MOPP gear and the decontamination process," Master Sgt. Jason C. Benedict, an operations with Battalion Landing Team 3/5, 15th MEU, said, reports. "There are certain countries that have chemical weapons, and we could be employed to take charge, safeguard and control the area,"

In addition to teaching the Marines how to properly use MOPP gear and conduct decontaminations, the training also focused on detection. The servicemen also learned to identify positive readings from M8 and M9 detection paper and to use the more accurate joint chemical agent detector.