TSI releases accessory for CBRN respirators

TSI, Inc., a company that designs and produces quantitative fit testing technology and biohazard detection equipment, announced the release of the Mask Integrity Test Accessory 8120 this week.

MITA works with the PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester to test full face respirators that protect against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear exposure for leaks and to ensure proper functionality.

MITA uses an aerosol leak test using the Respirator Fit Tester as a particle detector to assess a mask's overall integrity. The mask uses a full head form with an enhanced bladder seal system to offer a tight seal for most full face respirators and gas mask sizes and types. By testing the masks under conditions of constant flow and negative pressure, as well as using the full head form configuration, a real-life application is mimicked to provide more trustworthy results.

The accessory uses TSI's proven PortaCount quantitative fit testing technology. MITA's features include a step-by-step testing sequence, a streamlined menu structure and an easy to read display to keep operator training to a minimum.

TSI identifies, investigates and solves problems related to measurement, making the company an industry leader in producing and designing precision instruments. TSI works with research institutions and customers throughout the world to set measurement standards related to indoor air quality, aerosol science and biohazard detection.