Deutsche Bank employees evacuated after white powder scare

The employees of a Deutsche Bank office in the town of Schkeuditz, Germany, were recently evacuated after a letter containing a white powder was discovered at their building.

Local German police said that nearly 700 people left the building, which is located in an industrial area near Leipzig, after the powder was found. Forty bank employees are undergoing medical examinations at a nearby hospital, according to Reuters.

A spokesman for the West Saxony police said that the suspicious substance was found in an envelope mailed to the offices of a Deutsche bank company called Keba Schkeuditz. Police and firefighters responded to the incident in protective clothing and gas masks.

"Police, fire and rescue service, the medical officer and the Environment Agency are in use." Police spokesman Rayk Bergner said, GodlikeProductions reports. "We do not know what it is. But the processes have been designed as if it is the most dangerous variant. "

A Deutsche Bank spokesman said that the company was cooperating fully with law enforcement officials, but would not confirm any details about the incident. He said the bank considers the health of its employees a top priority. The spokesman also said that Keba Scheuditz performed back-office functions for Deutsche Bank, Germany's largest lender.

A Local paper, Leipziger Volkszeitung, speculated that the incident may be related to an ongoing dispute at the office over wages.