Baird criticizes UN inaction in Syria

Canada's foreign affairs minister issued a scathing criticism of the United Nations on Monday for failing to stop thousands of deaths in Syria and for endangering the world with chemical and biological weapons.

John Baird spoke on behalf of Canada to the UN General Assembly in New York. While he mentioned Iran as the top threat to worldwide peace, he expressed particular candor in speaking about the uprising in Syria, the National Post reports.

"While the brutal and repressive regime of Bashar al-Assad continues the slaughter of its own people, the United Nations continues to fail to impose binding sanctions that would stem the crimson tide of this bloody assault," Baird said, according to the National Post. "Until the last syllable of recorded time, the world will remember and history will judge member states that are allowing the atrocities to continue."

Baird said that the UN was passively accepting the evil being perpetrated in Syria, including the deaths of 20,000 people. He also mentioned the worldwide threat caused by the uncertain fate of the chemical and biological weapon stockpiles in the embattled nation.

"A stockpile of chemical and biological weapons does not respect national sovereignty or recognize territorial integrity," Baird said, according to the National Post. "Who among us would be secure if the chemical and biological weapons of another member state fell into the wrong hands?"

Baird said that Canada is calling for an end to the violence in Syria and for the replacement of the Assad regime with one that respects religious minorities and the country's borders, the National Post reports.