BARDA activates third contract year for Rapid Micro Systems

Rapid Micro Biosystems recently announced that the U.S. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority has decided to exercise the third and final year of its contract option for the development of rapid sterility testing technology.

The company is scheduled to receive $2.4 million for the third year of the contract, which runs through the third quarter of 2013. With the third year renewal, Rapid Micro Biosystems will receive a total of $6.7 million for the project, according to

BARDA issued the contract as part of its Science and Technology Platforms Applied to the Medical Countermeasure Development program.

"Our continuing relationship with BARDA demonstrates the critical need for rapid sterility testing as part of pandemic response," Steve Delity, chief executive officer of Rapid Micro Biosystems, said, reports.

Rapid Micro Biosystems flagship product is its Growth Direct System, which was designed to automatically test for environmental and product contamination.

"We are pleased with the results of our automated, rapid sterility test thus far," Sarath Krishnaswamy, Rapid Micro Biosystems' vice president of research and development, said, reports. "Our unique detection technology starts to show contamination detection within hours and provide final enumeration results in 50% of the time of the traditional 14 day test."