Czech Republic sends chemical warfare experts to Jordan for training

After receiving a request from Jordan, the Czech military is planning to send four experts on chemical warfare to help the Middle East nation train its own chemical warfare units.

Jan Pejsek, Jordan's Defense Ministry spokesperson, said that the country asked the Czech Republic for help after the riots began in Syria. Pejsek said that no one asked the ministry to send Czech troops into neighboring Syria, the Czech News Agency reports.

"Now we are preparing the sending of some experts to Jordan where they will train the local chemical warfare unit," Pejsek said, according to the Czech News Agency. "Nothing is known about the deployment of Czech troops in Syria."

Authorities in Jordan were motivated to request help from the Czech Republic because of the positive reputation of the country's chemical warfare units throughout the world. The four experts will help to train Jordan's local chemical warfare units.

Pejsek said that Syria has a large chemical weapons arsenal that must not end up in the hands of terrorists as a result of the conflict, the Czech News Agency reports.

Since last March, the civil war in Syria has led to 29,000 deaths, including 21,000 civilians, according to human rights groups.