Egypt plans chemical weapon use in Sinai

The government of Egypt allegedly plans to use chemical weapons against Sinai Peninsula terrorists in an effort to make them easier to catch.

The government said that the weapons will be used far away from residential areas, the Times of Israel reports.

On Friday, a Multinational Force and Observers base was attacked in northern Sinai by Bedouin Salafi gunmen. The attack inured four foreign officers.

On Sunday, the military of Egypt sent 50 armored vehicles and tanks to secure the area.

During the attack on Sunday, militants chased down 13 armored personnel carriers and a helicopter involved in a security sweep. Three policemen, two soldiers and two civilians were injured during the two hours of fighting, the Times of Israel reports.

The same morning, militants fired bullets and rocket-propelled grenades at the main security headquarters in northern Sinai's el-Arish. They also attacked a checkpoint and two police stations. There were no people wounded during the later attack.

After an uprising last year that removed authoritarian president Hosni Mubarak from power, the situation in the volatile Sinai Peninsula has worsened. The area is a known home to smugglers, militants and restive tribes. Since the political uprising, the police and security presence in Sinai is still weak.