Anthrax kills calf in Bhutan village

A calf that may have suffered from anthrax died on Saturday in the Dagana district of Bhutan.

The 1.5-year-old bull belonged to a farmer in the Kalizingkha village on Saturday evening. The deceased animal exhibited anthrax symptoms, including a bloated carcass and raw un-clotted blood from natural openings. The carcass of the bull was buried using proper procedure with anti-septic and sodium bicarbonate, Kuensel Online reports.

Livestock officials in the district said that a sample that was examined in the local veterinary hospital tested positive for anthrax. The sample will be sent to a national center to confirm the test results.

Kuenzang Gyeltshen, the district's veterinary officer, said that the community is aware of the incident and that the case is being strictly observed. Gyeltshen said that the owner of the herd has kept his other animals under treatment with penicillin injections since Monday, according to Kuensel Online.

"The course is normally for three to five days," Gyeltshen said, Kuensel Online reports. "Therefore, it's always important to take remedial measures."

Anthrax is a bacterial disease that can affect cattle, sheep and humans. It often affects the skin and lungs. The disease is sporadic in nature and can arise from certain climatic conditions.

Officials believed the case was the first ever identified in the district.