Scottish emergency crews respond to white powder

A suspicious package recently prompted an emergency response from police, fire and ambulance services in Kirkcaldy, Scotland.

Fears of an anthrax attack at one of the region's largest employers turned out to be a false alarm. The suspicious package was found to contain talcum powder, according to

MGt, a call center located in Kirkcaldy's John Smith business park, said the suspicious package was addressed to one of its clients and was intercepted in the company mail room. MGt immediately called law enforcement officials, who initiated a full-scale emergency response.

Officers from Fife Fire and Rescue examined the contents of the package. They quickly determined them to be harmless and the incident was closed.

The envelope is currently being examined by officers from Fife Constabulary, who are attempting to track down the original sender. The police said that they are considering the matter to be a criminal investigation, reports.

Anthrax is considered to be a major potential weapon of bioterrorism, but also occurs naturally. The bacteria is not spread from person to person and can exist in a dormant state in the form of spores for many years. The spores can activate when they come into contact with human skin, are ingested or inhaled.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention classifies anthrax as Category A biological agent, placing it among those pathogens that are the most dangerous to public health.