Chemring Detection Systems receives $49 million biological detection system award

Chemring Detection Systems announced a $49 million contract award on Sunday to supply the U.S. Army and Navy with its biological detection systems.

The award was made by the Edgewood Contracting Division of the Aberdeen Providing Grounds Contracting Command. The contract will provide more than 100 joint biological point detection systems and initial fielding packages.

The systems will be installed in Stryker Nuclear Biological Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicles and on ships such as the USS Ross.

The JBPDS provides automatic identification and detection of airborne biological agents at very small levels. The system then triggers remote and local warning systems and sends information about the threat over standard systems of communication. The system is manufactured in the CDS facility in Charlotte, N.C., and is due for delivery between December 2012 and December 2013.

The JBPDS program, which is managed by the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense, is the only biological detection system in the nation that has been through the whole system live agent test. Systems can be networked to provide command and control for a broad surveillance area.

Chemring provides high technology electronics to more than 80 countries worldwide. CDS provides point detection capability for biological, chemical and explosive threats.