NRC: U.S. can't keep up with CBRN threats

The U.S. is not able to afford the development of defenses to all potential chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons being created today, according to a blue-ribbon study conducted by the National Research Council.

The study, which was released on Monday, also warned that the nation has a poor understanding of its enemies' intentions for ever using the weapons and a worse handle on stopping them, reports.

The study called on Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Chemical and Biological Defense Gerald Parker to shake up the stagnant environment for acquiring adequate defenses.

"The U.S. simply cannot afford to deal with all threats on an individual basis, and there is no universal solution - it has to choose which problems to solve," the NRC said, according to

The panel of researchers looked into the DOD's Chemical and Biological Defense Program to find out its capabilities. The study found that nearly all of the core technology and scientific needs for the DOD already exist outside of the military and that a culture change must connect the civilian world to the Pentagon.

"The committee found that almost all of the capabilities can be found outside of the service laboratories," the study said, according to "Bold moves are needed to break the current stagnation that permeates the chemical and biological (science and technology) and acquisition environment. Tweaking the management or refocusing a few projects will not be sufficient."