Israeli intelligence monitoring Syria's chemical weapons

Israeli intelligence officials are increasingly concerned that Syria's chemical weapons could fall into the hands of Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon or any number of rebel groups.

Intelligence officials made the comments during recent Security Cabinet deliberations that were cut short by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because he feared leaks to the press, according to

The 14 cabinet-level ministers were told that the Israeli intelligence services were constantly monitoring Syrian chemical weapons caches. The officials added that any attempt to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah, or any other group, could result in an immediate Israeli military operation along the country's northern border.

During the meeting, defense establishment representatives claimed that Syrian President Bashar al Assad's regime was close to collapsing. Intelligence officials then expressed fears that the region could be in the midst of major geopolitical changes that include further radicalization.

Netanyahu mentioned no names concerning the possible leaks and did not say whether an investigation into the matter would be ordered.

"The security of the state and of its citizens depends on the ability to have confidential and in-depth discussions in the security cabinet...someone severely damaged the trust that Israel's citizens put in this forum," Netanyahu said, reports.