Russia dismisses U.S. arms control accusation

Russia dismissed accusations from Washington on Tuesday that the country failed to fulfill its obligations under international conventions to ban biological and chemical weapons.

The country's Foreign Ministry referred to the assessment as groundless, biased and counterproductive. Moscow said that it fulfilled its treaty commitment under direct supervision of the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Xinhua reports.

"As in previous years, the state department barely, without any evidence, claimed that Russia allegedly violated its obligations under certain international treaties," the ministry said, according to Xinhua.

In the statement, Russia said that compliance reports should only be made via expert-level bilateral consultations. The country also doubted the biological security global monitoring mechanism the U.S. used in the report as it was created with U.S. coordination, Xinhua reports.

"(The system was created) particularly under the pretext of fulfilling conventional commitments which actually only served the U.S. interests," the ministry said, according to Xinhua.

Russia also blamed the United States for the delay in the implementation of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Three of the five nuclear powers have ratified the treaty, but the United States has not yet ratified the treaty.

"Despite numerous pledges of U.S. President Barack Obama to speed up this process, the country did not ratify the treaty," the ministry said, according to Xinhua.