Russian army taking measures to prevent anthrax outbreak in Kyrgyzstan

Military officials from Russia are moving to prevent anthrax from spreading to a Russian air base in Kyrgyzstan after an outbreak occurred nearby.

Military officials from Russia's Central Military District said that one of the outbreaks occurred within 20 kilometers of the country's Kant Air Base in the Chui region of Kyrgyzstan. All military buildings, including officer and family apartments, have been disinfected. Food supply safety checks have also increased, Itar-Tass reports.

Last week, Kyrgyzstan health officials announced that multiple anthrax cases were confirmed in the northern region of Chui and the southern regions of Jalal-abad and Batken. Officials said that at least nine people may be infected with anthrax.

"Since the end of July to the present, there have been nine people in Kyrgyzstan hospitalized with suspected anthrax," Gabulina Dzhalalidina, the director of the Center for Quarantine and Especially Dangerous Infections, said, according to KyrTAG.

In one suspected case, a woman in Bishkek, the regional capital of Chui, may have contracted the infection when selling meat in the local market. Authorities are taking precautionary measures to stop the infection from spreading.

Anthrax infections are not rare in the region and can be transmitted through contaminated meat and livestock, KyrTAG reports.