Ten hospitalized in Siberian anthrax outbreak

An anthrax outbreak in the Altai Territory of Russia resulted in 10 hospitalizations and one death, according to local emergency officials.

The victim of the outbreak became infected after handling the carcass of a cow that was infected with the bacterial disease. The man did not seek medical attention until a full week after developing symptoms, RIA Novosti reports.

Officials said that 32 people in the Altai Territory came into contact with infected animals and are all currently under medical supervision. The village of Druzhba, the center of the outbreak, is under quarantine and vaccinations have been ordered for all animals.

Anthrax can be fatal in approximately 40 percent of cases when it is ingested into the gastrointestinal system. Inhalation anthrax can be lethal in as many as 90 percent of cases. Cutaneous infection, when anthrax comes into contact with the skin, is deadly in approximately one to 20 percent of cases if the patients get treatment early, according to Russia's Center for Biosecurity.

If the infection has time to develop inside of a person's body, the disease can become untreatable. People infected with anthrax receive antibiotics to treat the disease in its early stages. Anthrax can be transmitted from infected animals to people but is not transmissible between humans.