England sides with Obama on Syrian warning

British Prime Minister David Cameron agreed with U.S. President Barack Obama's assertion this week that the movement or use of Syria's chemical weapons stockpile could lead to major consequences.

Cameron and Obama agreed that the use or threat to use chemical weapons by Syria could result in the two countries changing their approaches to the conflict. The two statesmen also discussed other issues related to the conflict between the regime of Bashar al Assad and Syrian rebels, the Independent reports.

"The prime minister restated the risk to the wider region posed by the fighting and the fact that regional and international cooperation was vital," Cameron's spokeswoman said, according to the Independent. "He reinforced the need to work in close cooperation with Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and others on the issue. (Obama and Cameron) firmly agreed that there was much more to do in order to stop the brutal killing of civilians and help put Syria on a path towards peace and stability."

Cameron and Obama also agreed that more should be done by the international community to provide Syrian refugees with aid.

Fighting in Damascus continued on Wednesday as regime forces shelled multiple areas in the city. Tanks continued the assault and reportedly killed at least 35 rebels. There were also armed battles reported in the northern city of Aleppo.