Oregon inmate indicted for sending white powder letters

A grand jury indicted an inmate in Multnomah County, Oregon, this week for allegedly sending a threatening letter to a federal prosecutor that contained a white powder with a label stating it was anthrax.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation alleges that Andrew Barnett, an inmate at the Multnomah County Detention Center, sent the letter while he was in custody. The letter said that it was tainted with the deadly bacteria but was actually non-toxic. Barnett allegedly sent three letters to a downtown Portland-based United States Attorney, KGW reports.

Barnett was also indicted for false information and hoaxes connected to the non-toxic white powder.

At least six letters containing a mysterious white powder were sent to buildings throughout Portland from late April to early May.

An office worker at the U.S. attorney's office opened one of the letters on April 26, discovering the white powder and a letter encouraging the prosecutor to snort the supposed anthrax and threatening him. The return address on the letter listed Barnett at the detention facility, according to KGW.

On May 11, the FBI said that the police thought they had successfully stopped the ability of the sender to continue issuing threats.

According to court records, Barnett has a history of sending threatening letters.