Iran plans to create defense center for biological threats

Iran plans to create a biological defense center to help the country counter biological threats, according to the director of the Passive Defense Organization.

Gholam Reza Jalali, the director of the PDO, said the organization's general policy is to counter biological, cyber and nuclear threats along with other modern issues such as electromagnetic and electronic threats, the Mehr News Agency reports.

In December, Jalali said that security concerns could cause the country to move its uranium enrichment facilities.

"Our vulnerability in the nuclear area has reached the minimum level, (however) if circumstances require it, the uranium enrichment facilities will be relocated to safer places," Jalali said, according to the Mehr News Agency. "If Americans and Israelis had been able to launch strikes to damage our nuclear facilities, they would certainly have done so."

Jalali said in June that the country's cyberdefense was also a major priority after Iran was the target of multiple attacks in the past few years.

"The important point is that we develop mechanisms for cyber defense in a way that we will be able to defend the country against new viruses," Jalali said, according to the Mehr News Agency.

The director said that the country was solely focused on cyberdefense and had no plan to launch cyber attacks on other nations.