Israel holds chemical attack simulations

Israel held a simulation of a chemical attack last week in the country's northern region, carried out on shoppers at a Nazareth mall.

An IDF lieutenant said that the country has an increased desire to prepare against missile or chemical attacks in the northern part of Israel as a response to the Second Lebanon War, the Algemeiner reports.

"Every time they want more. Another practice, another meeting, another round table. We try to satisfy the needs," the lieutenant said, according to Algemeiner.

The country also has an increased concern due to Syria's chemical weapons arsenal, which is believed to be the largest in the Middle East. Conflict in Syria has many worried that the country's chemical weapons could fall into the wrong hands. There has also been renewed speculation of a major confrontation with Iran.

Eyal Eisenberg of Israel's Home Front Command said that exercises such as the one at the Nazareth mall are coordinated closely with the country's civilian population. The country is even working on a newly tested system that informs citizens of potential threats through text messaging.

"It is performed in cooperation with the population and that is important," Eisenberg said, Algemeiner reports.