Seven cases of anthrax confirmed in China's Liaoning province

Seven cases of cutaneous anthrax have been confirmed in northeast China's Liaoning province, according to local health officials.

Three cases occurred in a village in Liaozhong county, which is currently under quarantine - no livestock or meat products may enter or leave its boundaries, China Daily reports.

So far none of the cases has proven fatal.

Two cases of cutaneous anthrax have also been reported in Lianyungang in east China's Jiangsu province. Skin irritations were found on seven villagers, according to ministry spokesman Deng Haihua, China Daily reports. Five villagers not diagnosed with anthrax have been placed under medical observation, though their symptoms were not typical.

All seven villagers are in stable, non-serious condition, Deng said, China Daily reports.

The villagers were reported to have come taken part in the killing of a sick cow.

Anthrax is least serious in its cutaneous form. Humans can contract this form after a cut or sore on the skin comes into direct, unprotected contact with anthrax spores on sick or dead animals.

Medical teams arrived on the scene shortly after the events were reported to treat villagers and sanitize the farm and their residences, Deng said, China Daily reports.

The health department is expected to strengthen their monitoring for anthrax in order to help contain the spread of the disease.

"We will closely follow the development of these cases and make sure the disease is under control," Deng said, China Daily reports.